Doktor Oddit-E - Photo and Robot by: SpaceBoyRobot

The past and the future seem to be colliding quite a bit in fiction these days. I’m not complaining, I think its pretty fun.

Space Boy Robot (or Jordan-Alexander, to you Earthicans) is a local artist who uses his unique take on this theme to make some really (really) great robot creations.

He not only handcrafts some of the best little bots I’ve ever seen, he also knows how to take great photos of them. With one exception, the pics in this post are all him, and they look amazing. Which exception? Why the freaking Steampunk Octopus Robot he made me!!

This guy is awesome.

Tell us about your bots.

I’ve been making robots for the last couple of years and it started when my love of indie handmade and my love of robots collided. I began building little robots out of wooden blocks and found/recycled items that I was lucky enough to scrounge up. Today, I still follow the same process.

I personally hand build, and hand paint each robot. Each robot is a guaranteed ‘one of a kind’.  About a year ago I began centering my work on steam power pseudo-Victorian era styled robots and have been working on a collection of historical ray guns from the future. I’m also working on a series of time machine oddities; although, they don’t actually travel through time…yet.

Robot and photo by: SpaceBoyRobot

What pulled you into the retro-robot world?

I grew up loving all things sci-fi and robot related, and I have devoured science fiction novels Ieft and right.  Im a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s DUNE; and of course, all the major sci fi staples in television and movies.

Also, I always check out all the geeky sci fi blogs every morning.

And I’m lucky enough to come from a family of nerds  and artists.

Any robotic octopi coming soon? (Mwahaha.)

Yes indeed!

How long does it usually take to put a complete robot together?

I usually build 15-25 robots at a time (usually a three to five day process), then it takes me about two weeks to paint and detail each robot.

How do you get that amazing space-worn look?

That’s my secret!

But I can guarantee that I use the best professional acrylics around!

Steampunk Ubel the Robot - Robot and Photo by: SpaceBoyRobot

Where do you get ideas for new creations?

Everywhere! I see robot faces in very random ordinary things and often try to mimic what I see.

I also get ideas from various books and movies. For example after revisiting an old favorite movie of mine,  ‘Labyrinth‘, I really wanted to make a Ludo robot. In turn, Ludo became the muse of my new series of Ogre-Bots!

Who’s your favorite famous robot?

Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater  3000 – I really dig how they are just random items recycled to make these really brilliant and hilarious robots.

Destroyer Alien Robot - Robot and Photo by: SpaceBoyRobot

Where can folks get their hands on your work?

I’ve always been a part of Red Hot Robot, thanks to the fantastic owner Jason Kiningham.

I also sell the robots through the popular handmade commerce website ETSY.

Starting the second week of February Space Boy Robots can be found at MADE PHX and Evermore Nevermore in Mesa.

BIOSHOCK - Robot and Photo by: Space Boy Robot

Thanks again to SpaceBoyRobot and his lovable, wacky, ragtag, motley crew of bots!

Follow SBR on Twitter, his Etsy shop, and his Flickr. Fair warning, though. You might be sucked in to his Flickr for a while. Each shot begs to be viewed full size.