Arizona Steampunk - Octobot by SpaceBoyRobot

It’s about time I stopped procrastinating and finally kicked off Operation Octoshock.

(I know, it sounds like an awesomely-bad 80’s action series.)

For a long time now I’ve wanted to consolidate and organize Arizona’s Geek Culture beyond the blog and created a sort of ‘database’ of local nerd resources.

The calendar, map, and blog are the brunt of this site, but I’m going to try and expand it into something where anyone can show up and find a Harry Potter Fan Club, or a local cosplaying group, or when and where they can hang out and code with others.

To kick us off with something fun, let’s start with that beloved and begoggled genre that’s all the rage these days – Steampunk.

Help me consolidate all of Arizona’s Steampunk Culture – groups, fan clubs, artists, artisans, sculptures, web-series, stores, authors, anything – in the comments, preferably with a link to their website. You can also shoot me info on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll prime the steam-pump with a handful:

  • Wild Wild West Con
  • Steamcrow
  • SpaceBoyRobot
  • Evermore Nevermore
  • Western X
  • Mantecoza

As information is gathered, I’ll do my best to organize it in an intuitive way under the “Get Involved” page up at the top of the site.