Asuka Photo by: pasukaru76

How about another round of Operation Octoshock?

It’s the awesome project (with the awesomly-bad name) where I get your help in consolidating Arizona’s Geek Culture. I’ll take this information and organizing it beyond the blog into an easy to browse collection.

Last week we went over Steampunk in Arizona and got some great responses.

This week, hit me with your local knowledge of everyone’s favorite (or sometimes least favorite) animated aspect of nerd-dom: Anime!

Help me consolidate all of Arizona’s Anime Culture – groups, fan clubs, costuming groups, artists, artisans, sculptures, web-series, stores, conventions, anything.

I’ll prime the pump with:

  • Sabotencon
  • Taiyou Con
  • Across Plus Fanclub

Please drop a message in the comments and impress me with your local knowledge, preferably with a link to more information.

You can also shoot me info on Facebook and Twitter.

As information is gathered, I’ll do my best to organize it in an intuitive way under the “Get Involved” page up at the top of the site.


PS – Our Monster Commute film was featured on Monster Commute itself!

::Achievement Unlocked::

*Update: You can now find the compiled list on the Arizona Anime Page!