UFO Photo by: "Stefan"

This post started as a strange, mountainous carving in my mashed potatoes – and I had this catchy little five-note tune in my head.

Oh well, probably not important.

I still remember watching the pilot of The X-Files when it aired in the 90’s. I was babysitting my older-sister’s kids and they’d all gone to bed, so I was alone in the dark. I wasn’t very old, and holy crap did I get scared that night. Being a little kid in the 80’s, I’d watched Unsolved Mysteries and the like, which would sometimes talk about UFOs, but suddenly being abducted by aliens scared me to death.

Perhaps the organizers of the International UFO Congress can help me overcome my childhood fear – if they don’t make it worse.

The IUFOC hopes to draw as many people as possible who might identify on a deep level with Fox Mulder’s iconic poster, or those who really liked Escape To Witch Mountain.

I have a feeling they’ll also accept the curious and those harmlessly looking for an ironic time.

Deep probe these details:

So, wake up people! It’s time to band together and unmask our reptilian overlords!

And just for kicks:

Gary Larson - The Far Side