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Your weekly dose of bite-sized buzz and tid-bits surrounding Arizona’s geek culture.

I had a blast at the Comicon’s kick-off event last night. I was able to meet quite a few of you, which is my favorite part of doing a local blog, by far.

Here we go!

The Arizona Pop Culture Museum is opening back up (in phases)

  • They’ve got a new location and they changed their name to “The Arizona Pop Culture Experience.”
  • Details on their site.

The Arizona Renaissance Festival opens their doors this weekend.

  • This baby runs for so long I could mention it every weekend in March.
  • Instead, I’ll just share that they’re open for business!
  • Learn more on their site.
  • Whenever I happen to drive past this place, I think of the movie The Wild Hunt, and get too scared to go in.

The Amazing Arizona Comic Con has confirmed they are returning next year.

  • And they are extending the convention by one day.
  • Here’s a link to the announcement.

The Gamers’ Inn is running a funny Magic Card contest.

  • Win some store credit by creating the funniest Magic card.
  • Join the fun here.

The Phoenix Comicon announced their last major list of guests.

  • Including actors George Takei (Sulu), Adam Baldwin (Jayne), Elvira, and Nicholas Brendon (Xander).
  • The full list of comic book, author, music, and other guests is up on their site.

And, of course, Lightning Octocon 2011 is this June 11th.

  • I figure after two weeks of detoxing from the Phoenix Comicon we’ll be itching for some nerdy debauchery once again.
  • Tell us you’re attending on Facebook!
  • The guest list so far is looking really fun.