Photo by: CavinB

This weekend, Arizona gathers its comic book fans, Lovecraft fans, Anime fans, and fans of public pantlessness.

This is the big one, cephalobots! Three cons compete for your nerd love.

Will you go with the comic reading con-next-door? The bespectacled, raven haired con with the “Cthulhu Loves You” bumper sticker? Or, the cute con with the blue hair who flashes the peace sign at everyone?

Either way, go have some geek fun!

Thursday, Jan 6th

AMC’s Zombie Bike Girl [Pheonix]

MythosCon Begins! [Tempe]

Friday, Jan 7th

TaiyouCon Begins! [Mesa]

Saturday, Jan 8th

Amazing Arizona Comic Con [Mesa]

  • Claiming to be the first Comicon of the year, this con promises to be ::ahem:: AMAZING!
  • Two days long! January 8th – 9th.
  • At the Mesa Convention Center.
  • Buy tickets here! (Or just about any comic shop in the valley.)
  • A lot of local artists and vendors will be representing.

Sunday, Jan 9th

No Pants AZ Light Rail Ride[Lite Rail]

  • Here’s your chance to show off those Dinobots boxers you’ve had since the 80’s.
  • Organized by the local pranksters who bring you an annual Super Hero Battle.
  • Be brave and participate, or just enjoy the show.
  • Details here.

So, where you will be this weekend?