MythosCon 1 - Wendy T

Unable to clone myself, and lacking one of those fancy necklaces Hermoine uses to go to more than one class period at a time, I lacked the means to hit up all three cons last weekend.

Fortunately, a couple of Agents from The Order of Electric Octopi volunteered to infiltrate both MythosCon and The Amazing Arizona Comic Con for Lightning Octopus and take a few pictures.

Check out Agent Wendy’s recap of MythosCon!

(And yes, I totally did crack that lame joke in the title.)

It came from the murky depths of Tempe Town Lake where it had seethed and waited in the foul mud. Its monstrous form shambled out of the water and into the unsuspecting college town as young men and women wandered Mill Avenue in the evenings this weekend. Little did they know what terror lurked right behind them, just off Mill Avenue, at Tempe Mission Palms hotel.

I knew, and I ventured into the unknown anyway…

MythosCon 2 - Wendy T

MythosCon, the brainchild of local author Adam Niswander and convention veteran Mark Boniece, came into our world this last weekend, January 6-9, 2011. It was an international convention dedicated to the mythos originated by H.P. Lovecraft in his numerous tales of terror.

The convention had a single-track schedule, meaning that there would be only one panel scheduled at any given time throughout the convention. There are several schools of thought as to whether this is a good thing or not, but I was quite happy to sit in the panel room for several hours listening to  the discussions and absorbing the presentations.

MythosCon 3 - Wendy T

There were discussions about Lovecraft’s mythos and the contemporary creations that followed. I thoroughly enjoyed a photographic walking tour of Lovecraft’s Providence, RI with guide Jason Eckhardt, a dedicated fan of H.P. Lovecraft and a talented  artist in his own right, and many others.

I wandered the dealer’s  room and couldn’t resist picking up a Miskatonic University Student Parking sticker for my car and a few other Lovecraftian themed items. How can one resist? I also perused the art show, taking in the glorious horror of it all.

MythosCon 4 - Wendy T

On Saturday morning several of us volunteered to be cultists in a tongue-in-cheek church service. After the participants had finished breaking their fast and the plates had been cleared away, we donned our brown robes, grabbed our chant cheat sheets and hymnals and took a seat along the wall facing full tables of convention attendees. The hotel staff stared at us curiously. Brother  Darrell Schweitzer led us in a rousing chorus of “Cthulhu Loves His Loyal  Minions” and High Priest, Robert M. Price projected his sermon, and my  fellow “cultists” and I solemnly chanted away at the appropriate times.

MythosCon 5 - Wendy T

For those who wanted to duck into a spot to play a little Call of Cthulhu or try out a new game system, the game room was easily accessible and had  numerous games from which to choose.

MythosCon 6 - Wendy T

This was the first time I’d attended a convention that was solely focused on  one specific genre or celebrating one specific author. I will definitely go back  again. While I am not fanatical enough to memorize Lovecraft’s sonnets, write prose in praise of Cthulhu, or write my doctoral dissertation on the impact of Lovecraft on modern horror, I found myself surrounded by old friends and new intelligent folks who read and absorb and have a great sense of humor.  The guests were the big names in the genre. They were excited about Lovecraft, excited about their own works, and just plain nice folks. I am excited that there is the possibility I may be able to meet more of them next time around.

It looks like MythosCon was some wacky weird fun, and I think Wendy did an awesome job. You can follow Wendy on Twitter, or check out her own blog here.

Maybe, when the stars are just right, MythosCon will once again rise from the sea and visit our sunny state.