Photo by: Matthew Stewart

Hey cephalobots, I thought I’d try something new out and toss up a quick “buzz” post.

I try to keep my electric tentacles spread throughout the AZ (as much as I can) and I thought it could be cool to quickly share some of what I pick up throughout the week.

Hopefully it helps add to the geek community here and helps get the word out on a few more things.

Just testing for now so lemme know what you think and if you’d like to see these on Fridays!

The AZ Browncoats are putting the word out on a CSTS art contest.

  • I have no doubt that some of you could rock this.
  • The annual Can’t Stop The Serenity charity event this fall needs a new logo.
  • Get the details here.

A local cephalobot is looking for some geeks for an Asthma Walk group.

  • Get the scoop from her blog if you think you might be interested.
  • She’ll need fellow “walkers” and maybe someone willing to help turn a tent into a TARDIS.

A musician is looking for some Geek Gigs.

  • Planning something that could use some live nerd rock?
  • Touch base with Michael on Facebook.

Local comic writer Glen Curren is the new events coordinator for Atomic Comics.

  • He’s a great guy and this should be very fun for him.
  • I expect the events at Atomic Comics to be kicked up a notch!
  • Here’s his announcement.

The masterminds behind Devastation, want your opinions.

  • They were looking for some volunteers for a focus group, but now I believe they just need people willing to answer some questions online.
  • If you’re interested, connect with them on Facebook.

I found another game center in the Valley.

Got any hot tips on the nerd scene in AZ? Want to get the word out on something?

Shoot me an email, message me on Facebook, or DM me on Twitter.