Photo by: Dave Fayram

Last week’s Friday Lightning received a pretty warm reception, so I’m up for trying Round 2.

I personally feel it’s a cool way to help the local Arizona geek community connect a little more, which is what (I like to think) this site is really all about.

So enjoy a light collection of buzz I’ve picked up over the week, but also feel free to add any more in the comments.

Steamcrow’s Monster Commute Book II Drive Ends Jan 31st!

  • I’ve ordered mine!
  • The Steamcrow team is cramming the value into a pre-order deal.
  • Check out all the details, goodies, and package options at Steamcrow dot com.

The Midnight Movie Mamacita celebrates 5 years this February.

  • Being a fan of truly awful and bizarre movies myself, I personally love that Arizona has her.
  • And, apparently, has had her for five years now!
  • Her website’s under construction, but be sure to follow her on Facebook and congratulate her.
  • Now who’s up for some Troll 2?!

The Phoenix Comicon announced a lot of their music guests this week.

Gotham City Comics got some press this week.

And just a reminder, I will be at the Alien Warrior Comedian next Saturday, the 29th. Let me know if you will be too because I’d love to meet/meet up with you!

Got any tips on the nerd scene in AZ? Want to get the word out on something?

Shoot me an email, message me on Facebook, or DM me on Twitter.