Alien Warrior Comic Attacks Gamers' Inn Mesa Arizona

Fact: The eventual enslaving of humanity by alien warlords is going to be hilarious.

The Alien Warrior Comic, or The Interloper, has apparently mastered not only weapon technology vastly superior to our own, but improvisation and comedy as well. And, like all superior races, he’s decided to explore humanity and make a few observations.

Until we’re conquered, of course.

Since his appearance on Last Comic Standing (thank goodness he didn’t take the name of the show literally), he’s been traveling our planet, building an army (of fans) amongst comedy clubs, expos, film festivals, and geeky conventions.

This month, he’s invading Mesa, Arizona.

  • Submit to your doom Saturday, Jan 29th at 8pm.
  • At the Gamers’ Inn.
  • Admission is free, but space is limited.
  • And, unless we’re actually invaded by conquering aliens first, I will definitely be there!

Fans of improv, comedy, and science fiction should expect to have a blast.

Enjoy his YouTube channel for a taste.