Red Hot Robot

I recently read that one of Phoenix’s indie-pop-culture gems is moving out, coming back, and re-branding itself.

Since 2007, Red Hot Robot has nested between Stinkweeds and Smeeks, as a haven for fans of indie toys, art, and weirdness. Everything they stock feels unique – like you’ll never find something like it anywhere else.

As I’ve mentioned before, my first event for Lightning Octopus was here.

I never took the chance to pin down its owner, Jason Kiningham,  for a spotlight, or to take some sexy photos of the place, so maybe this can make up for that a little. I’ll owe him that when he re-opens.

Here are 3 things I hope RHR brings with it when it comes back:

1. It’s Local

Red Hot Robot - Locals Only Show
Within its walls you can find art, sculptures, books, games, and toys from Steamcrow, Greg Ham, Eric Torres, Kill!, Rusted Halo, and Space Boy Robot. And that’s just off the top of my head.

They have tons more – for example the large list on the flyer above.

2. It’s Indie

Red Hot Robot - Iconica

A lot of what they stock is produced by independent artists.

And the items they stock that aren’t seem carefully chosen.

3. It’s Fun

Red Hot Robot - Steamcrow
RHR always seems up for hosting fun events (such as Monster Abduction is Real!), and lots of parties for Dunny artists and toy makers.

Also, I learned how to play Iconica here (which they also stock) at a game night.

They’re cleaning out some inventory with some crazy deals right now. And to celebrate their legacy (so far) Red Hot Robot is throwing a bit of a “last hurrah” with a bunch of local artists:

  • February 4th, from 7pm to 10pm.
  • At Red Hot Robot. (Surprised?)
  • A bazzilion local artists will be sporting there goods and mingling with the crowd.
  • RSVP on the Facebooks here.

Ever been to Red Hot Robot?