LightningOctopus 2010

Is it too late for a Top 10 of 2010 post? No? Great!

But instead of listing my favorite or most popular posts of the year, I want to list my favorite geek events that I went to in 2010.

Half-way through 2010 is when I started this site and began my journey into Arizona’s geek culture – and along the way my wife took some pretty sweet photos. I skimmed the Lightning Octopus Calendar, and, not including weekly things, it looks like it had around 170 events posted from June to December of 2010.

Arizona has so much going on! I wish I could go to more of them, but I did make it to a few last year.

So stroll with me down memory lane, won’t you? And maybe start thinking of what your favorite 2010 geek memories were and share them in the comments?

[10] Encredicon!

Check out that sweet Cephalobot pin!

Not only did I love the idea of a locals-only comicon, I got to step out of cyberworld and meet some readers for the first time.

I hope Evermore Nevermore pulls off another Encredicon this year, and maybe puts up some signs inside leading to the action in the back. It took me a while to find the actual con when we went.

[09] Creator Appreciation Day at Jesse James’

Jesse James Comics Creators Appreciation

A few months after I started blogging, Jesse emailed me and explained his monthly Creators Day and invited me out. I took him up on it and got to meet the man behind the madness.

You can sense Jesse’s passion for the local comic book scene right away, and he had the place packed with local artists and other creators. It was great, and I picked up a copy of King! and SuperVamp!

[08] Fake Iconica Night

Roll for initiative! Wait, wrong game.

The first Iconica game night was the first event I ever attended for Lightning Octopus, but I didn’t recap it. When the second one popped up I thought I could redeem myself – but I couldn’t make it.

So we had a Fake Iconica Night and took pictures of it instead. Maybe I should have photo-shopped game creator Eric Torres into the photos.

Oh well.

[07] National Wii Tournament

My nephews rock the Wii.

Even though we didn’t win (we got 3rd place), loading up our sister-in-law’s van with a few nephews and going to Nintendo’s Wii tournament last August was wicked fun.

We probably could have gotten 1st if they’d let only my nephews play (they’re wizards at anything Mario) but we adults held them back.

[06] Beat The Geek

Khhaaaan you repeat the question?

I’m always up for some geek trivia, especially when real prizes are involved. But, I have to admit, some of these questions left me with a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face.

Fortunately I wasn’t playing, and the actual participants did pretty well.

[05] Zombie Research Society Meeting

Zombie Research Society

Until I attended this meeting, I had no idea that people had actually come up with a real plan for Phoenix for when the zombie outbreak occurs.

Now I know. If you want to get in on that plan, you’ll have to attend one of their meetings at Bookmans’ Phoenix to get the low-down. It could save your life!

Also, if you love chewing the brains fat with others about zombies, this is where to do it.

[04] Sacrifice Movie Premier

Sacrifice - The Movie

So a local guy puts together an almost-no-budget giant-monster movie for kicks and premiers it at Madcap Theaters with the cast and crew.


The wife and I had a campy good time and a night we’ll not soon forget.

[03] A Hacker Mustache Party

Pew pew pew!

This was an awesome night. You can’t go wrong when you combine lasers, Tesla coils, 3D printers, live music, and mustaches.

Everyone I met from HeatSync Labs was so nice and excited to explain their creations to me. Awesome people.

They seriously need to throw another one of these.

[02] Monster Abduction Is Real

Monster Abduction IS real!

Easily one of my favorite events so far. We all know Steamcrow puts out some mean webcomic action, but this was when I learned what entertainers they are live. Arizona is lucky to have them.

Plus I got to meet tons of LO readers in person, which I love!

[01] Phoenix Comicon ’10

The Great Octopus at The Phoenix Comicon

I don’t have a link to a recap of this one, because I hadn’t started this blog yet. In fact, attending Phoenix Comicon 2010 was a huge factor in the birth of Lightning Octopus. For that reason alone, it has a place in my geek heart.

But on its own, it was just the biggest, nerdiest, pop-culture-iest event I went to last year, and the most fun I’d had in a long time.

So what about you?

What did you do, go to, attend, or participate in last year?

Any of these? Something sweet I missed out on?

What were your favorites?

Let us know!

Mustache Party