Victorea Paege - From her website

Actress, model, tech junkie, shameless geek… Victoria is all of these things and more.

Victoria Paege is very involved in local Geek Arizona, and one post couldn’t possibly capture the amount of enthusiasm and activity this girl puts into it. She also happens to be very friendly and has a great sense of humor.

So light a fire, put on a turtleneck sweater, and cozy up to Victoria!

Being so involved in local geek activity, what do you think of the scene here in Arizona?

I think the geek scene in AZ is growing stronger by the day.

It seems every time I turn around there is a new group or even business opening up to help support geek and pop culture.  Places like Jesse James Comics and Gangplank provide a place for people to go and see great LOCAL talent that they may not have been able to connect with before.  Having the ability to go to events on a fairly regular basis is providing a lot more opportunity for people to embrace their inner geek.

I think it’s wonderful.

You were the spokeswoman for the Phoenix Comicon last year, what was that like?

Being a part of such an amazing convention was an incredible experience.

Although I conducted interviews, spoke on behalf of the convention on several news and radio stations and did spots on podcasts, there was a lot more that I was responsible for behind the scenes.  I had a team that consisted of a PR representative, a film crew, a makeup artist, seamstress, body makeup artist and even a photographer.  Before the 4 day convention I set up a media channel for all of my videos to be uploaded to and was responsible for uploading the videos once edited.

Coordinating interviews was probably one of the most challenging parts of the position as I had to make sure the film crew, myself and the guest I was to be interviewing were all available at the same times.  I also wrote my own questions and contacted the guests myself.  This was a very positive aspect on my end as I got to speak with many of the incredible guests one on one and build relationships and even start friendships with many of them

Victoria and Felicia

As for the 4 days of the convention, I was running around like crazy, sometimes wearing as many as 4 outfits a day; created by seamstress Anya Taylor and provided by Evermore Nevermore.  I, fortunately, had an assistant that helped me from going crazy as I was in for news and radio interviews at 5am and at the convention and after events until about 11pm. She told me where to be and when and I ran over notes for who I was going to be interviewing that day.

It was insane but completely worth it and a LOT of fun. It was an experience I gained a lot of experience from and hope to be a part of again in the future.

How excited are you that Western X is finally out?

I am incredibly, pee my pants and laugh like a mad man, excited!

My scenes for Western X were filmed in March of this year so I have been waiting as patiently as possible to see the start of the series.  I am so impressed with the following and all of the publicity that has been surrounding this series.

I was taken by surprise when offered a role in the series and have been a huge supporter since the moment I was involved.  The scenes that I am in will not show until the end of the series but I know the level of talent that is involved in this project and I wanted so badly for everyone to be able to FINALLY see what they were missing.  The visual effects look incredible and episodes 1-3 which can be seen on YouTube or are JUST the beginning.

The cast includes quickly rising stars such as Aaron Ginn-Forsberg, Deneen Melody, Richard Anderson, Vernon Wells, Kaily Alissano and Kevin Tye, which should show everyone that they have a lot more to look forward too.  Add to that an intense story line, bigger budget and even a few spin offs, and you’ve got a series that everyone will soon be hooked on.

So, again– I’m so incredibly excited that it has started.  SO excited.

What local groups are you involved with?

Local groups that I am involved in include the AZ Avengers.  AZ Avengers is a group of cosplayers that go around doing charity work and making appearances at hospitals, toy drives, and schools in order to spread a little joy to children and families.  You can visit their FB page to see more about charities we are working with and even inquire about joining.

Can you spot Victoria?

Other than that I am involved with a few national groups which include being a Creative Director for, a model for Comicbook Divas and even a guest vlogger on and Delamortes Dungeon.  I post video reviews, interviews or just random anything that has to do with geek/tech or horror. I keep myself pretty busy!

For Comicbook Divas, I get to model and have characters modeled after my likeness for various comic books such as ‘A Life Behind The Mask.’  I was also have a character on the cover of a coloring book drawn by Jason Dube, that was made to give out to the 1st 25 children that donate toys to Toys for Tots for the charity drive on December 18th.

If you had a blank check to spend on any geek pleasure, what would you end up with?

Zachary Levi.

Enough said.

Well, let’s all hope that Zach is up for sale sometime soon!

Thanks to Victoria for indulging us. Be sure to keep up with all of her projects on Twitter and Facebook.