If you’re one of the millions of people out there who feel like the human eye just isn’t quite gigantic enough, you’re not alone. There are scores of fellow anime fans here the in the valley, and they all want to hang out with you next month.

Taiyou Con, an anime based convention, hits the east valley at the beginning of next year, and when it comes to understanding and satisfying fans of the medium, it looks like they know exactly what they’re doing:

I have yet to psych myself into attending an anime based event, and I’m wondering if maybe I need to work myself up to an entire con. Maybe I should attend a few Accross Plus meetings first?

Also, I learned that Taiyou means Sun… I think. Any masters of the Japanese language can feel free to confirm.

Don’t forget to follow Taiyou Con on Twitter & Facebook, get tickets, make a costume or two, and have fun!