The most obnoxious/epic post pic ever.

For some time now, the Avatar of The Great Octopus has lived among us, blessing us with electric benevolence.

And, until last night, he had been nameless… but no more. You have spoken and The Great Octopus has chosen.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest browsing through everyone’s ideas. Some of them are priceless.

My personal favorite was suggested by “Wendy T.”

Wendy’s suggestion was to name the electric octopus “Scribonious, or ‘Scrib‘ for short – one of the first ancient scientists to document electric sea creature’s shocks.”

Congrats, Wendy! I thought it was a really unique idea & name, with an interesting & obscure reference. It’s easy to remember and type (well, Scrib is anyway), and it was clever and made me smile. Good job.

Wendy receives the honor of being “The Great Namer!”

Runner up goes to a Jeff Moriarty for “Vicecount Melville F. Strangleleggs.”

How can you not enjoy that name? It’s just fun to say.

And one random commenter wins just for joining in the fun.

I put together everyone who gave a name and used an online random number generator to pick one, and… congrats, Bobby!

I’ll email you three soon, asking for your addresses so I can get your giftcards in the mail today.

Thanks again to everyone who left a comment! Is was cool hearing from you all.

Stay tuned for a really fun interview / spotlight here later this morning!

No more, I say!S