Photo by: Sugar Daze

Wow, six months ago today Lightning Octopus first popped into existence; something that still baffles cosmic-octopus-studying physicists.

Since its inception, I’ve been able to post about something nerdy going on in Arizona every weekend for six straight months. I think that says a lot about the level of activity we have here, and the amount of people willing to have fun and make things happen.

I’ve also made what can only be described as a “plethora” of awesome new friends – some online and others I’ve been able to connect with in person. A lot of you have tweeted me, or posted something on Facebook, or even sent me an email just to connect and get involved. I love it!

Some of you (even though we were strangers at the time) even reached out and encouraged me when I first started, and it really meant a lot.

As for today, all the Octopus wants for his half-birthday is for you to leave a comment and say “Hi.”

Share who you are, and one of your guilty geek pleasures.

Ask me something you want to know about me or Lightning Octopus.

Maybe tell me if you’ve connected with something or someone you found here. (A success story!)

Or, just say “Hi,” it doesn’t really matter. I’d really just like to meet or reconnect with you today.