The Lightning Octopus by Steamcrow

Last week I remembered that our official mascot, the Lightning Octopus, doesn’t really have his own name.

Want to help me change that?

This is my 100th post, so I’m up for something fun:

Leave a comment with one or two suggestions (tops) for the li’l guy’s name and I’ll pick my favorite one.

Now, perhaps you’re asking yourself “I’d love to help, but what’s in it for me?”

(Why, you selfish little…)

I’ll shower the winner with RICHES & GLORY BEYOND IMAGINATION in the form of a Bookmans giftcard and the honor of knowing that his name was their idea.

* Update – Let’s do a Giftcard for the winner, a runner up, and one random commenter just for joining in the fun!

Perhaps you’re thinking: Sparktopus!

Well, I already thought of that – who can top it?

You’re already thinking of some good ones aren’t you?