Photo by: istolethetv

Being the observant reader you are, you may have noticed that the last two cons I’ve posted about had something in common…

You guessed it – tentacle fetishes.

Oh, and they’re both happening the same weekend.

Well, today’s post is no exception as The Amazing Arizona Comic Con also falls into the same weekend as next month’s TaiyouCon and MythosCon.

But for the geek who shys away from brightly colored wigs and brooding authors, this con is offering some good old fashioned comic book fun.

    Their list of Special guests is pretty impressive, given the size and age of the con, with new guests being announced all the time. It includes some of the cast from Walking Dead, the WD man himself, Robert Kirkman, and a ton of local talent.

    They’re also boasting the biggest MTG tournament in the southwest.

    • Going down January 8th and 9th.
    • At the Mesa Convention Center.
    • Tickets are a very reasonable $25.
    • Buy ’em here! (Or just about any comic shop in the valley.)

    My favorite thing about this comicon? Their logo is an orange triceratops for some reason!

    I honestly don’t know why, but it makes me happy.