Photo by Bermudi

Last Tuesday I offered to spotlight anyone brilliant and stubborn enough to go through NaNoWriMo here in Arizona.

It got a few responses, so here are some of the interesting novels that Arizonan’s are working on:

Arcane – by Danie Silvera

When mutilated corpses are found littering the dark creavaces of Boston, the FBI’s lead agent discovers the truth may be stranger than fiction. Everything seems to be connect to an antiquities specialist named Riley Fawkes a girl with special abilities who may be at the center of a conspiracy as old as time, involving magic and a shadowy government agency.

Hypogean – by Laurel Cole

A college geology major gets sucked into another dimension through a tunnel that lies beneath the Superstition Mountains. As she explores this new underground world, she encounters the rumored Reptilian creatures of the Supes who have no less than world domination planned for her home dimension. Based on the rumors, myths, and stories that belong to the Superstition mountains.

Draft 1149 – by Preston Smith

The inhabitants of the earth have destroyed themselves; only a few remain, wandering the earth in tribes. The novel consists of journal entries of the remaining inhabitants of earth as they try to find meaning in the destruction of humanity.

And, I may or may not be writing the following:

Manifest Destiny Is Calling

An eccentric modern-day billionaire uses science to resurrect American presidents to play chess with – but when a newly risen James K Polk’s lust to regain the presidency (and once again expand America’s borders) grows too strong, it’s up to a quick thinking General Washington and a heavily armed Ulysses S Grant to stop him.

Once again, best of luck to everyone going for it!