Remember that favorite action figure you had as a kid that none of your friends had? Odds are The Arizona Pop Culture Museum has it on display.

The wife and I (and one of our boys) swung by a while ago and took a little tour (and a bunch of photos) of the seemingly endless twisting and turning hallways here – each filled with every kind of toy, board game, or action figure you can think of.

They even have this classic piece of ironic Star Trek awesomeness.

(But, then again, so do I.)

Superheroes, Star Trek, Anime, Muppets, Star Wars, movie and TV characters – John Edwards has collected them all and, it seems, is able to talk with you about each one.

My son, Jonas, went straight for the Star Wars. Good kid!

These pictures alone just can’t convey the full scope of this collection, but I’ll post more pictures on the Lightning Octopus Facebook Page to try.

Though it might be a bit of a drive, it really has to be seen in person.

Big thanks to the museum for having us!

You can find the AZPCM as well as many other geek havens on the Local Nerdery Map.