Steampunk Mustache!

Last weekend was chalk full of things to do, but two included mustaches, so they’re getting some love today.

Before I recap Music, Mustaches, and Mad Science, check out some recaps of Steamcroween III here and at Phoenix New Times.

I love Steamcrow’s stuff (and his mustache) so it ate me up inside that I couldn’t go.


Unfortunately, I was not able to bring a nice camera to the hacker mustache party – or any camera actually – except for my phone, I guess. So these pictures are graciously provided from HeatSync Labs’ own Facebook page. Thanks guys!

I tried to describe the party to my wife like this: imagine going to the science center, there’s a DJ spinning some crazy electronica, everyone has a mustache, and all the science projects were made in someone’s garage.

First on the menu was the laser tripwire. Every kid there immediately gravitated to the challenge of trying to get through the lasers without setting off a little alarm. I got about half way through my first try, and that was as far as I ever got.

Laser Tripwires

This kid (along with a lot of other HSL members) helped make and operate a 3D printer.

Seriously. It “prints” 3D images into real life with plastic.

He was printing out little fake mustaches for everyone.

3D Printer!

Apparently, Holly was here:

Laser Wall

Look closely and you may spot the elusive Lightning Octopus making some LED throwies:

A Mustachioed Lightning Octopus

The highlight of the evening was the homemade tesla coil, shooting electricity around the room. I got a little video on my phone, but I’m apparently not savvy enough to get it embedded in this post right now. If anyone has a link to a video of it, let me know!

Tesla Coil!

** Update: Ask and ye shall recieve:

There was also a solar powered bike, a motorcycle with a GPS system hacked into the dash, a guy creating a vacuum and boiling water at room temperature, a 3D camera (2 cameras together, actually), and donuts!

Check out the rest of the pics here.

I couldn’t have had a better time, and the folks from HeatSync Labs were so friendly that I hardly had a chance to stand awkwardly by myself.

They need to do this more often, it was really sweet.