Back when I started Lightning Octopus, one of the first local events I found involved a local game creator going to Red Hot Robot to teach curious folks how to play his game, Iconica.

So, I psyched myself, the doe eyed young blogger, into going and introducing myself.

While there, I took my first picture for Lightning Octopus.

The man behind Iconica, Eric Torres, let us sit down and learn the game by playing it. He told us how he came up with the game, how he would play it with his little brother (who would give feedback and let him know what was fun and what wasn’t), and I read a little of the world Iconica takes place in, Rynaga.

The game is very easy to learn and understand, which I find to be one of its strengths. The mechanics are simple enough to build the complexity and strategy that makes it fun, without being confusing. And while being founded on familiar RPG elements, Iconica manages to turn some of those rules on their heads, breathing some fresh air into the genre.

LO Iconica 2

LO Iconica Spread

One of my favorite aspects of Iconica is that is was forged here in Arizona – but even now it is spreading beyond our borders and even impressed the great Geek Dad of Wired.

(His sentiments about how gorgeous the game looks are spot on.)

I spent the weekend after learning the game up in the mountains with family. I brought my newly acquired set of Iconica and taught it to my older nieces and nephews, and we played it all weekend long.

LO Iconica Card

Their constant cries to me will echo your own if you grab the starter set:

“Can you get us more cards some time? Please?”

LO Iconica 6

Also, because I beat Eric at Red Hot Robot that afternoon, I won an “extra” card. Behold it’s majesty!

LO Iconica - Behold It's Glory

You can actually meet Eric and learn the game yourself next month in Mesa!

Hopefully I’ll have more details soon, but you can always check out the Local Geek Calendar to make sure you can be there.

And you can pick the game up online or at Red Hot Robot, anytime.

::Update:: You can also catch them this weekend at RinCon if you’re down in Tucson.