Since He Wasn't Wearing Red, You Knew He Was Going To Survive

Well, it didn’t start the way I wanted it to, but the battle over who had stored the most unnecessary information in their brains, known as “Beat The Geek,” was some impressive fun.

The battle was delayed a little as Lance Henriksen was still answering questions in the next theater over. After poking my head in and catching a few of his stories I spent some time in the lobby checking out the horrific vendors and scores of walking dead.

Sorry, living dead, I'm married.

Eventually, the theater started filling up and the battle began.

About to chant "Beat That Geek!"

First up was the horror category. I was impressed with the players’ knowledge, especially since horror is not my strongest point of geekery – but I did surprise myself by knowing more answers than I thought I would.

I must spend too much time wandering around Wikipedia.

Up against a horror “expert,” who was also a zombie, three contestants held some pretty solid ground. Ultimately, however, the undead master of horror edged out ahead and maintained his title.

One of these geeks does not know the answer.

In your face, suckas!

After that, the SciFi geeks took the stage, up against an actual member of the Starship Enterprise.

The gentleman in the red shirt (referred to by his friends as Brownmouth for reasons I’m not interested in learning) was able to pull out some thorough answers  for some insanely difficult Star Trek questions. But, it wasn’t enough, and the resident geek expert was able to get enough easier questions more quickly.

The man knows his sci-fi.

Sometimes you get an answer right:


And sometimes you don’t:

Hang your head in shame.

Everyone who played won some swag from Bookmans, who sponsored the competition, and after a short open-ended debate about the superiority of each genre, “Horror” left the theater as the king of the evening.

But with this many zombies around, how was that not going to happen?