Don't Know The Source, But It's Hilarious

October is laying on the zombies pretty thick, as usual. If you feel like branching out a little, take a stab at a geekier Halloween party this Sunday at The Poisoned Pen.

They’re hosting a very casual costume bash with some award winning authors in fantasy and dark literature – including the writer behind Short Circuit!

  • Book signings this Sunday (24th) at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale.
  • From 2pm until about 4:30pm.
  • Authors attending include:
  • Costume contest and other Halloween shenanigans will ensue.
  • Official info here.

I might go just to sarcastically thank SS Wilson for giving me nightmares as a kid with Tremors – then sincerely thank him for it since I now realize how hilariously awesome it is.

Also, if you’re a fan of James Owen’s books, you can find a bunch of information regarding his latest book launch from Lee Whiteside of Nerdvana over here.