Beat The Geek

So you’re the kind of geek who can tell me every movie Bruce Campbell has done, in chronological order – and you can do the same for Jeffrey Combs.

Although your knowledge may need to delve outside the realm of cult actors, you, my friend, sound like a prime candidate for Bookmans’ Beat The Geek Contest this weekend.

Just think of the nerd cred it could earn you!

It’s part of the International Horror & SciFi Film Festival, but not to worry if you aren’t a ticket holder. I’m pretty sure this one is a no-ticket deal. Just sign up and see if you’re selected as a candidate.

Three knowledgeable nerds will be up against an equal amount of “experts” in a trivia battle for geek glory this Saturday, October 16th, at 10.30pm in the New Times Auditorium (at Madcap Theaters).

I really hope they kick off the tournament with this.

Of course, I hope that about everything.