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This weekend, Arizona gives you a great gathering of nerds, some Japanese love, and a space battle only The Federation can deliver.

And there are always geeky things to do here in the Phoenix area, even throughout the week. Try one out!

Saturday, Sep 4th

Coppercon 30 Begins!

Star Fleet Battles Madness!

  • If you’re not cruising the con scene but still want some explody Star Trek action:
  • Swing by Evermore Nevermore and learn to play Star Fleet Battles.
  • Starts at 1pm and goes to 4pm.
  • There is a chance to win The Golden Soda Can… I am intrigued.
  • “It’s easy to learn and fun to blow up your friends!”
  • Official info here.

Sunday, Sep 5th

Free Japanese Performances, Exhibitions, & Activities

  • Your entire life, Japan has been pumping out some of the world’s craziest and most memorable pop-culture…
  • Come say thanks at the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa!
  • Art and Manga creating.
  • Kimono exhibition, Japanese swordsmanship, origami, & calligraphy.
  • A “knock-down” performance by the renowned Tokyo Girls.
  • Check out the local geek calendar for a detailed schedule.
  • Thanks to agent Jennifer for the tip!

Am I missing anything? Are you getting out this weekend? Tell me!