Were You Abducted? By Steamcrow

This weekend, Arizona blends culture with video games, prepares you for the monsterpocalypse, and lets geeks give back while enjoying some Joss.

And you can always plan ahead for geeky things to do here in the Phoenix area by browsing the local geek calendar.

Thursday, Sep 16th

Video Game Art Show: Fauxvism

  • Put on a suit and monocle and go check out some fine art!
  • Artist James Barnett will be showcasing his artwork based on modern video games.
  • 7pm – 11:30pm at the Spec10 Gallery in Scottsdale.
  • Last year’s show got some pretty insane press, and recently James’ art was highlighted in Wired.
  • Official info here.

Friday, Sep 17th

JS Lewis Signing

  • Local co-author of the popular Grey Griffins series is making a rare appearance.
  • Starts at 6pm at a Barne’s & Noble in Mesa.
  • If you or your kids have read the Grey Griffins books, you know how fun they are.
  • Official info here.

Saturday, Sep 18th

Steamcrow: Monster Abduction is Real!

  • Daniel of Steamcrow has survived multiple monster abductions…
  • Heed his words!
  • Starts at 7pm at Red Hot Robot.
  • Snacks, drinks, and a slide-show presentation.
  • A free public service, so wander in!
  • More info here.
  • It’s no secret I’m a Monster Commute fan, so you know I will be there.

Sunday, Sep 19th

Can’t Stop the (Serenity) Space Pirates!

Am I missing anything? Are you getting out this weekend?