Every month Jesse James invites a handful of local artists and talent to come by and set up in his store.

This month, Jesse emailed me and personally invited me out, which I thought was super-cool. So, I did!

It was fun meeting him and feeling his passion for supporting local creators.

I didn’t get a chance to peek inside “Dr Oblivion’s Guide to Teenage Dating,” but when I look at this picture I really wish I had.

Also pictured are Madame M, Jeff Pina, and Daniel Bradford, who were all wicked friendly, despite the overly curious 20-month-old in my arms:

Attending things like this is a great reminder of how many things are going on in the valley all the time, and how many people are making them happen.

Swing by next month and pick up a local comic or two! You might find something new you’ll really love.

And you can follow Jesse on Facebook to keep up with guest announcements, etc.