Glenn Curren - Agent of The Order!

Local suit wearer and web-comic creator Glen Curren has decided we are worthy of  hearing his answers to a few quick questions today.

Be still, and learn at his feet:

Tell us about Major Mediocrity.

Major Mediocrity is a comic I concocted that’s a satire of people as told through a wacky super-hero universe.

It’s named after the main character, who is this ordinary guy with big dreams, lack of drive, and Charlie Brown luck.

The concept hasn’t really been shown too much yet, because most of what has happened has taken place in MM’s head, where he sort of envisions himself as this Silver Age comic book super-hero archetype, except that his affinity for internet porn sort of leaks into the daydream.

Major Mediocrity - Couch

Do you consider it more of a spoof or an homage to superheroes?

A little of both.

I grew up watching the Super Friends, reruns of the 60’s Batman show, and the Filmation cartoons. And I was lucky enough to have an older brother that gave me a stock pile of DC comics; I wore those things out reading them over and over again, and I still love them.

So the “heroes” you’ll see in Major Mediocrity will definitely draw inspiration from there, but their personalities are actually more of an exaggeration of people from real life.

Major Mediocrity - PrintWeb

What originally got you into doing webcomics?

Madame M. We’ve been friends for a long time, and we were chatting one day about her comic, Super Vamp.

I mentioned that I had this idea, but that I can’t draw.

(And I mean I really, really can’t draw. My brain says one thing, and my hand runs off to do something completely unrelated, not unlike the Michael Caine horror flick, The Hand.)

She was kind enough to do some work trade with me, and introduce me to a lot of the really talented folks we have out here, which have been a big inspiration as well.

So you write, and Madam M illustrates?

You betcha!

And where did The Digresser come from?

Haha. Um…my wonky little brain. Basically, I used to have a fairly popular, albeit infrequently written, blog on (ahem) MySpace.

Two things happened: 1) I, and everyone else (save strippers and perverts) stopped paying attention to MySpace, and 2) some dude started writing a god-awful blog using my old moniker, Empathetic Misanthrope.

So, I bailed and started The Digresser. It’s mostly just a place where I blurt out things that are on my mind, but recently I’ve started adding some comics, the primary of which is a little four-panel gag strip using universal people called A Dose of Reality.

A big thanks to Glen for the interview. He’s a way friendly guy and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him on Twitter. I suggest you do the same.

When you have a moment start reading Major Mediocrity from the very beginning – it doesn’t take very long to get through.

Be prepared for some abundant alliteration and a healthy dose of double-entendres. Enjoy!