What do you get when you combine a guy from Mesa who made a super-low-budget monster movie, a hard-drive crash, a babysitter, a fun loving wife, and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had?

Answer = My Friday night!

After getting the news that our awesome neighbors would watch our boys for the evening, I set to work persuading my wife that going to see some lame Hollywood movie (that we’d eventually catch on Netflix anyway) would be infinitely less fun than going to see some near-zero-budget monster movie made by some local guys.

It wasn’t hard, she’s usually up for something a little different.

Before the movie began, the man behind Sacrifice stood before us and announced two things:

1. We’d be getting free copies of the DVD.

2. We’d have to see the ending of the movie then, because they’d had a hard drive issue that messed up the video for the evening.

What followed was about an hour of generally cohesive scenes and about 1.5 seconds of the monster before everything just stopped.

After that, the creator took the stage again to answer questions and generally poke fun at himself and his monster movie. Everyone behind the movie had a good sense of humor about everything, from the production values to hijinks’ of the evening.

It was all in good fun, and we had plenty.

(And the ice cream the wife and I got afterwards was at Udder Delights. Seriously, good stuff.)