Zombie Research Society Meeting 1

If you’re worried about the animated corpses of the dead rising from the grave and seeking out the throbbing brains of the living to satisfy their unending hunger… don’t.

The Zombie Research Society isn’t, anyway.

Come on, that’s just fantasy.

Or so I found out this last Saturday when I attended the Phoenix Chapter’s first public meeting, held at the Bookman’s Phoenix community room (their new home).

What they do consider is the (remote) possibility of some kind of biological outbreak that could cause symptoms in our friends, neighbors, and chummy co-workers to the key of “violently insane,” be it a virus or some kind of toxin that gets loose. This scenario has also been explored in movies, books, and comics, both cult and mainstream, and the Zombie Research Society takes the threat seriously.

The first half of the meeting focused on the purpose and goals of The Society, as well as basic urban survival and how to be ready to get up and leave if you have to. A demonstration of a “bug-out-bag” set the tone of this portion of the meeting as Society members pulled out item after item from such a bag, explaining each item’s usefulness in multiple situations.

Dental floss is essential, people! It’s like the proverbial galactic towel.

Zombie Research Society Meeting 2

Zombie Research Society Meeting 3

We also enjoyed some lively debate about the best place to group up and relocate should said outbreak occur, as well as the dangers of panicky-non-zombie-humans and the deadly Arizona environment.

And, okay, the Zombie Research Society is very prepared for a zombie outbreak, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor and a heavy dose of fun.

The second half of the meeting was spent enjoying and celebrating “the zombie phenomenon” and zombie culture in general. I found myself contributing to the conversation about best (and worst) zombie movies.

Zombie Nightmare, anyone?

Zombie Research Society Meeting 4

Zombie Research Society Meeting 5

You can learn more about The Zombie Research Society and help contribute to their project at their website:

The Zombie Research Society