Comicon Lines

Photo by: icantcu

Didn’t make it out to SDCC this year, eh? Yeah, me either.

Besides, we all know that SDCC has gotten too commecial anyway – they’ve forgotten it’s suppose to be about the grammer. (10pts for random Simpsons reference.)

Well, instead of spending hours in line next to the guy in the Sailor Moon costume:

Saturday, July 24th

The “Not At Comic-Con” Dark Horse PartyA

  • Atomic Comics Mesa – 11am to 3pm
  • The Red Bull Wing Team will be present with cars, girls, and all sorts of stuff.
  • Live cell-phone feeds and online chats with the Dark Horse team at the San Diego Comic Con.
  • Prize packages throughout the day.
  • Local artists doing sketches.
  • I’ll try to swing by and get some photos.
  • Full info here.

As always, you can check out the local phoenix area geek calendar or map to find things to do as well.