Steampunk Guy

Pic by Craig Hatfield

I’m taking my family out of town and out of the heat this weekend, so I expect you all to make up for my absence by having some Arizona geek fun in my place.

A lot of movie action this weekend, which means fun and air-conditioning!

(You can always check out the Local page for a growing calendar, as well as a map of interesting places.)

Thursday, July 15th

Evermore Nevermore – Staggeringly Stunning Steampunk Jewelry Workshop

  • Join other local Steampunk fans and spend the night creating.
  • $10 for materials.
  • Held at Evermore Nevermore, from 6:00pm to 9:30pm.
  • Full info here.

Friday, July 16th


  • Nerds rejoice!

Young Frankenstein

  • The classic “Abbie Normal” Mel Brooks horror comedy (light on the horror, heavy on the comedy).
  • Showing for FREE at Madcap Theaters, 6pm.
  • I believe they’re also giving away some prizes.
  • And if Young Frankenstein wasn’t Rocky, Horror-y, or Picture-y enough for you, throw on some fishnet stockings and stick around until 11pm for a showing a different horror comedy. ($12)
  • Full info on both shows here.

Gamers’ Inn – Hordes/Warmachine Genesis Event

  • Stuff like this always seems to be going on at the Gamers’ Inn.
  • If you’re into Hordes/Warmachine, I’m sure this will prove to be a fun evening.
  • Starts at 7pm.
  • Full info here.

Saturday, July 17th

Arizona N.E.R.D.S – Drive in: The Last Airbender & The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

  • Think you can handle both of these movies? Back to back?
  • (Looks like you’ll have to provide your own A/C on this one.)
  • Glendale Nine Drive-In Theatre at 7pm.
  • Full info here.