Samurai Comics

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of watching local artist Daniel Davis of Steamcrow do some live art while discussing his monster steampunk comic “Monster Commute.”

I caught him at Samurai Comics (and met another artist on the way out that I’m excited to highlight here in the future.)

About Daniel:

A lot of us have good imaginations, some great. But few have the creativity and the work ethic of Mr Davis, who consistently puts out five (five!) gorgeous, full color comics a week. And not just quick setup-punchline comics, but full scale epic comedy steampunk adventures with a world that he is consistently fleshing out.

I’d go into more detail, but I’m planning on a future post devoted to the comic.

It’s pretty amazing, and he’s worth following.

Also, his mustache:

Daniel M Davis BW

Daniel spent some time demonstrating the creation of a new Monster Commute character, who I will not show.

Daniel M Davis

Also, to my surprise, Daniel emailed me over the weekend with his (superior) version of the Lightning Octopus logo:

Lightning Octopus by Steamcrow

Man, looking at mine makes me depressed now…

Thanks, Daniel!