Nowhere Man

One of my all-time favorite gems in the world of canceled TV is the paranoid thriller Nowhere Man.

A couple years ago, my wife and I burned through this single-season show, and we couldn’t stop watching, laughing, and guessing.

It’s hard for me to describe why this show is so incredibly enjoyable.

Maybe it’s the forced dialogue, or the smug main character. Maybe it’s the crazy sci-fi technology that gets crazier and funnier as the series progresses. Maybe it’s the fact that the ideas and main story itself are actually interesting and fun to follow. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of watching “advanced” 90’s technology.

And maybe its the fact that, on average, each episode has the main character punch someone in the face then immediately dive out a window (or into traffic) to escape.

It’s like it found the perfect balance between awful and awesome.

Nowhere Man is about a photojournalist who takes a certain picture (“Hidden Agenda”) that a near-omnipotent, clandestine organization will do anything to get the negatives of. As the story unravels, you’re treated to all the fun twists and turns that come from paranoid conspiracy thrillers.

It’s like watching The Prisoner, LOST, The Fugitive, and a 90’s B-movie all at the same time.

Netflix this one, or maybe find it at Bookmans, stock up on snacks, and marathon it with your friends over a few nights. You’ll have a blast.