Thomas Healy

Join me in welcoming local comic and geek-culture connoisseur Thomas Healy as a post contributor to Lightning Octopus!

You can now find his weekly article, The Word, here as well as any other commentary (and/or rants) he may shoot my way.

I asked Thomas if he’s shoot me a simple introduction:

Hello, I’m Thomas Healy.  I write comics that you have never read. I host an internet TV show called I Have Issues TV, where I argue with my co-host a lot.  I also write a column called The Word.  The Word can now be found here at Lightning Octopus, among other places on the webnets.

I usually end up writing about the things in the comic and geek-culture world that I find interesting, or get me angry.

I like to consider myself a Journalist.  I sometimes write Journalist with a capital “J” because it makes me feel important. But I usually only do that when no one else is around.  There is a great Journalists’ motto- “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, like to write about how everybody else is doing it wrong.”

I may have made that up.

I think that about wraps it up for me.  I certainly don’t expect for everybody to agree with me, but I do hope you at least go away entertained.

-Thomas Healy

You can expect his latest post to be up this afternoon.

And remember, Lightning Octopus is all about centralizing, consolidating, and cataloging local Phoenix Area geek culture – so don’t be shy if you feel like contributing!