Godzilla Himself

Photo by: worldislandinfo

Did you know that originally Godzilla was supposed to be a cross between a gorilla and a whale?

It says so on Wikipedia. Crazy. I kinda want to see that now.

I’d never seen the original Godzilla before, so a while ago I found it on Netflix and fired it up. I guess it was actually called “Gojira.”

I personally enjoy watching (and reading) genre defining things, so I had fun seeing the beginnings of one of the worlds largest pop-culture icons.

The film sets the tone right away by simply showing some credits on a dark screen and playing two sounds: the monster’s slow and ominous footsteps and  occasionally his unearthly (and now signature) roar. The original Godzilla was a dark, slow, and terrifying creature before he became a wacky rubber hero.

After the intro you get a classic monster movie full of military and political figures (and scientists, of course!) all trying to explain and resolve their new Godzilla problem – all while Godzilla decides to go all Godzilla on Tokyo and radiate everything.

Behind it all is the holy-crap-humans-built-and-then-actually-used-an-atomic-bomb subtext, all the way down to the weapon finally used against the atomic monster himself, and the scientist who created it’s fate.

It was deeper and darker than I was expecting, and a fun weeknight watch.