Not At Comicon 1

I wasn’t too interested in going to SDCC this year – until I saw all the photos everyone started uploading.

I admit it looked like it was a blast.

However, I was able to swing by the Not-At-Comicon-Party over at Atomic Comics Mesa last Saturday for a couple of minutes and grab a few pics. They had the Red Bull team there (although I think I missed them) as well as some prizes, etc.

When I showed up not much was happening in the way of “partying” yet, but I did run into a slew of local artists.

For some reason, I was feeling a bit shy on Saturday, so I didn’t engage with them much – but all four guys were really cool and I had fun.

Ryan Cody

Not At Comicon 3
Ben Glendenning

Not At Comicon

Daniel Bradford

Before I left, I decided to join the ranks of hipster comic readers and picked up the first Walking Dead and Scott Pilgrim.

The first I devoured within an hour or so, and the second is with me in my hipster man-purse right now, and I plan on reading it today.