Steve Ogden's Moon-Town

I’ll give you three things I love about Moon-Town:

I’m a visual guy, so the first thing I fell in love with in Steve Ogden’s Moon-Town was the coloring. The artist has a great eye for color when it comes to mood, action, and just plain looking sharp. Heavy on the blues purples and golds, you instantly feel the science fiction and comic book elements popping out. And I found the character art to be a fun contrast against the more serious story.

Odgen may be complimented or take issue with this statement, but I felt a sort of homage or kinship to Bill Watterson when viewing his characters, creatures, and backgrounds.

The second thing that kept me reading were the questions. I’m a sucker for mysteries big or small, and Ogden populates his moon with both. It’s easy to feel early on that all is not what it seems in this little town on the moon. And scattered throughout the strip are characters new and naive, veteran and jaded, shady and paranoid.

Third thing that got my attention was the distinctly written dialogue for each character. Instead of copying and pasting what he wants each character to say from his mind to the page, Ogden takes the time to give them personality and distinct styles of speaking. You’ll see what I mean. It’s a small thing, but it adds a lot to the depth of the reading experience.

You can start from the beginning or quickly learn more about Moon-Town.

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