Dark Place

I can’t say enough good things about Dark Place.

There’s a school of thinking that believes you shouldn’t try to break rules of expression until you know and can keep all of them. If you try to paint abstract art, but can’t really paint well in the first place, it’s just a mess of paint. If you want to break the rules on purpose, you need to know exactly what you’re trying to say, and which rules exactly to break.

This is one reason Dark Place is so brilliant. It’s brilliantly bad (purposefully) in exactly the right ways. From the bad sets, plots, edits, lightning, framing, and things hanging from strings, to the bad acting and dialogue, I laugh every time I watch this show.

Many shows have attempted the so-bad-it’s-good method, but they usually use that shtick as a crutch and I start getting tired of it. Dark Place, however, uses it to compliment the already hilarious stories, characters, and gags that run through each episode.

The premise is simple – Dark Place is a show-within-a-show. It pretends there was an unappreciated and previously unreleased, too-horrifying-for-the-public, paranormal soap opera back in the 80’s called “Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place.” The soap was written by an aptly unappreciated and too-edgy-for-his-time writer, Garth (who also directs and stars in his creation).

I could go on about each character and episode, but I suggest finding the series, starting from the beginning, and just falling in love with it.

I will, however, give you this: