13 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 03/08]

This weekend, Phoenix may or may not be a replicant, journeys around the world with Wolverine & friends, has a mini-comicon, dreams of the stars, and more.

Thursday, Mar 5th

Geek’s Night Out 2015

It’s like an outside mini comicon! Dress up or just enjoy those that do, wander around and enjoy a plethora of booths, science experiments, live music, and general nerdery. Turnout has been awesome in years past, plus it’s very family friendly, so bring the kids. Give the Phoenix Comicon team a high five while you’re there. Starts at 4:30pm around Mill Ave. Totes free.

The Big Lebowski

The Phoenix Film Festival isn’t for a few weeks, but that isn’t stopping them from really tying the room together, ya know?

Abide, my friends. Abide.

7pm at the Scottsdale Harkins 101.

Help Break A Spider-Man World Record

Here’s a chance to go down in the history books, my friends. If you’ve got a Spider-Man costume and can make it to the US Airways Center plaza at 5pm, you just may break a world record.

Plus the first 450 people to show up in full Spidey gear will win tickets to the…

Marvel Stage Show

Which looks absolutely crazy and goes all weekend while it’s in town. Sounds really interesting, so if you go please let me know what you thought of it.

Starts at 7pm, but there are performances all weekend.

Friday, Mar 6th

Wild Wild West Con 2015

Getting to see the immensely entertaining Steam Powered Giraffe perform is worth the road-trip to Old Tucson alone. Plus you’ll get to spend the weekend in a steampunk fantasy. I’ve heard nothing but good about this growing steampunk convention, so tally ho!

Hack Arizona 2015

This one is an opportunity for college students to join other tech fans in hacking all weekend. And I mean all weekend. Bring a sleeping bag (seriously). The event is totally free, even the meals.

The whole thing gears up at 4pm.

Emerge 2015

Prepare to have your mind stimulated with awesomeness from 3pm to Midnight at ASU with Emerge. It’s an event that’s all about artists & designers teaming up with scientists & engineers to put together cool robots, crazy performances, rad art, and more. The guy who started RadioLab will be there too. Definitely check it out.

The Addams Family Musical

When you combine broadway musicals and medieval torture devices, everyone wins! You can catch a local version of this play at the Chandler-Gilber Community College this weekend, which is no doubt both spooky and kooky.


The only thing better than watching one of the most beautiful science fiction films ever created is doing it surrounded by fellow fans at the Filmbar. They’re screening a ton of awesome sci-fi this month, and they’ve picked a great one to kick things off with. Of course, you may have to pass a Voight-Kampff test to get in. I’m not sure.

Starts at 7pm, shows all weekend though.

Saturday, Mar 7th

ReptiCon Phoenix

Reptiles! Spiders!

If that got you excited, you should probably move to Australia, and you’re in luck because the State Fair grounds will be covered with the bloody things Saturday & Sunday.

Plus ReptiCon is just a fun word to say. Sounds like a transformer.

SpaceUp Phoenix

A bunch of Space fans are gathering at MCC for an “unconference” (ie, you can wander in and out between multiple presentations going on without judgement) to share ideas, concepts, and discoveries. Be sure to bring your own questions, stories, or ideas. Should be pretty interesting if you can make it.

Sunday, Mar 8th

The Last Unicorn with Peter Beagle

Here’s your chance to tell Peter how many nightmares you had of the Red Bull as a kid. He’ll be at B&B Mesa Gateway with a screening of his 80’s fantasy classic. Starts at 11am.

Peter was at Phoenix Comicon a while ago and is a super swell guy.

Geeklesque at Endgame

Wonder Woman striptease? In a bar that sells the devil’s brew? That’s quite a lot of sins for a Sunday, don’t you think?

Show starts at 9pm.

6 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 03/01]

This weekend, Phoenix beats each other up with swords, hangs out with Harry Potter, steps on LEGOs, and more.

Thursday, Feb 26th

Estrella War XXXI All Weekend

It’s been a long, rough week. You should slip into some armor, raise a fake weapon, and relieve some stress by crushing your enemies. You deserve it.

Estrella War is huge and it’s going on all weekend long at Schnepf Farms.

Friday, Feb 27th

Harry Potter Night at ASU

I’m not entirely sure if this is open to the public, (*Got confirmation that it is!) but if you’re hanging around ASU this Friday they’re going all-out-Hogwarts for the evening. Look forward to a sorting hat, HP improv comedy, quidditch (of course), wizard chess, and movies.

Starts around 8pm.

Goldfinger with Pop Culture Film Scholars

The Tempe Center for The Arts is rolling out a red carpet all month for different film screenings, and this weekend is all about Bond… James Bond. Listen to some big fans and enjoy the show.

Follow the link and scroll down a little for details.

Saturday, Feb 28th

LEGO KidsFest Arizona

Looks like some sessions have sold out, so get your tickets as soon as you can if you’re a LEGO nut. Bonus points to anyone who shows up wearing a Piece of Resistance on their backs.

At the UoP Stadium in Glendale.

Bacon Festival

Love the bacon. Celebrate the bacon. Be the bacon.

The internet compels you.

Starts at 11:30am at Rawhide Western Town.

*Phoenix Comicon – Open Call for Moderators

Yikes, I totally spaced the open call for moderators this weekend! Show up at the Burton Barr library in Phoenix from 1pm to 4pm. Sounds fun, and I can promise that Phoenix Comicon panels are a blast.

Start the Spark

Another event for those of you on the west side. It’s never too early to get kids interested in STEM, and this Saturday shindig should help. Lots of little events going on, including fun with 3D printers and other science-y… things.

From 10am to 2pm at this crazy place.

Get out, have fun, like Lightning Octopus on Facebook and Twitter, be excellent to each other.

9 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 02/22]

This weekend, Phoenix unmasks our hidden alien overlords, talks about cyborgs, runs from zombies, dodges a graboid or two, and visits Japan.

Thursday, Feb 19th

International UFO Conference

It’s time to stop carving mountains in your mashed potatoes and wake up, sheeple! Folks with very open minds will be gathering at an annual International UFO Conference to discuss their favorite forms of unexplained phenomena. Check it out if you’re a believer, curious, or a people watcher.

Going on all weekend long out in Fountain Hills.

Potted Potter

Two guys act out the entire Harry Potter series on stage in 70 minutes using falsetto voices. I will link to this video so you can decide for yourself if you want to go check it out. Kids should have a great time!

All weekend at the Mesa Arts Center.

Nerd Nite 23

Get out and spend the evening hearing presentations about animals, cyborgs, and Eris. Nerd Nite is pretty consistent at being entertaining, educational, and unexpected.

Starts at 7pm at mod.

Friday, Feb 20th

Big Ol’ Supernatural Convention

You may have heard of this show about brothers who fight evil. It’s got a pretty solid fan-base. If you’re part if it, and have saved up your pennies, you can meet the cast and squee with fellow fans starting Friday.

Have fun!

Tremors! (with the writer)

Kevin Bacon fighting graboids makes for one great cult classic, and the only thing better than watching a cult classic with fellow fans is having the dude who wrote Tremors there to talk about it.

SS Wilson will be at the Film Bar at 8pm sharing insights on the film that made us all throw away our pogo sticks.

Saturday, Feb 21st

AZ Matsuri Festival

Our friends in the East export some crazy-awesome geek stuff for us to consume, so let’s celebrate their awesome culture at Matsuri. Just show up!

Both Saturday & Sunday at Heritage & Science park from 10am to 5pm.

*Just added: Bicycle Jousting

I was just informed that armor will be donned and battle will ensue at this bicycle event.

Starts at 11am in Clark Park.

SciFi TV Dinner: Warner Bros in Space!

They should probably clarify that this is more of a SciFi TV Lunch, since it starts at 11:45am. But I’m splitting hairs, when I should be blowing up the earth. Watch a few Marvin the Martian cartoons, eat lunch, and enjoy a discussion on animation and planetary studies. Plus it’s free!

This one’s happening at the Chandler Downtown Community Center, so if you’ve gone to a SciFi TV Dinner before, don’t go to ASU on accident.

Zombie 5K


::gasp gasp::


Hold on… okay… where’s my inhaler? (Hat tip to Nerdvana.)

Simpsons Trivia Night

Were you saying “boo?” or “boo-urns?”

8pm at Bragg’s Factory Diner