How To Enjoy Phoenix Comicon 2015 Without Even Trying



7 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix [WE 05/17]

This weekend, Phoenix feels the felt, runs into the future, and turns the tv on when it really shouldn’t.

Friday, May 15th

Puppet Wars Begins!

Finally, a puppet show that retells the original trilogy on stage while lampooning every other sci-fi show ever. I’m going to try to make it to one of these showings, for sure. Family friendly and should be wicked fun.

Plays for a few weeks with lots of showtimes.

*Spellbound, A Musical Fairytale

Or if you prefer witches & potions over Jedi & Porkins, take the family to the Desert Botanical Garden to check out a sing-songy version of Cymbeline.

Shows all weekend.

Saturday, May 16th

Super Hero Exhibit Opens

The Heard Museum is all about superheroes for a while. Looks like there’s a kids costuming event at 2pm as well. Super!

BaelFire Gathering 2015

Throw on some fairy wings then head down to the Irish Cultural Center in Phoenix to spend a night frolicking and celebrating all things dragon. Family friendly and it’s free to attend.

Starts at 5pm.

Neon Run 2015

I was on the fence about including this one, but I figured some of you may enjoy a neon-drenched-futuristic-techno-powered-costume-centric run, so why not?

Things start moving at 5pm at Rawhide Western Town.

Chris Tucker

How can I not mention that Ruby Rhod himself is coming?! He’s doing stand-up at the Celebrity Theater around 8pm. Of course, tickets aren’t cheap. You may need a multi-pass. We green?

*Arcade ’85

That random pop-up 80’s arcade is back this weekend in Gilbert. Doors open around 8:30pm. Bring quarters. Lots and lots of quarters. And caffeinated soda, probably.

Cult Classics: Poltergeist

Surround yourself with fellow fans and enjoy the movie that reminded us to never, ever, ever, ever buy your kid a toy clown, for crying out loud.

Starts at 9:30pm at Tempe Pollack Cinemas

Sunday, May 17th

Make Your Own Fangs

What, you think you can drink the innocent blood of virgins with those human teeth of yours? Please. Make yourself some legit acrylic chompers with the AZ Haunters at HeatSync Labs. Goes all day.


5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Phoenix [WE 05/10]

This weekend, Phoenix loves monsters, geeks, yellow brick roads, and evil ladies.

Friday, May 8th

Mad Monster Phoenix 2015

Here you go, you sickos. There’s a big ol’ horror party going on all weekend at the Arizona Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak. Tons of horror guests, including Henry Winkler. (He’s Barry good!) Should be a blast for fans of the genre.

Being quite ignorant of the horror-scene myself, I imagine it will be a lot like this.

Geek Love Opens

The Firehouse Gallery is inviting you to browse the nerdiest works of local artists.

Remember, young aficionados, it’s not what the art is trying to say, it’s how nerdy it makes you feel.

Phoenix Comicon at Mesa 2nd Friday

Downtown Mesa has a dog theme this month and the Phoenix Comicon Street Team will be there. You may or may not see some dogs in costumes. I also heard they’re playing The Incredibles, so bring the kids.

The Dark Side of Oz

Few things can make a movie about a teenage girl arguing with apple trees much trippier, but, by coincidence or not, Pink Floyd has done it.

I mean, who knows which is witch, and who is who?

At Midnight at the Film Bar.

Saturday, May 9th


Anything? Hello? Okay.

Sunday, May 10th

Geeklesque at Endgame

This month’s theme is all about villains.

Starts at 10pm.